5 Ways to Attract Women on Facebook

Now-a-days, Facebook has become one of the greatest platforms for many in order to connect socially and build professional networks.  Moreover, with the help of Facebook one can easily get to know about people from any part of the world and others can also easily reach us anytime.

There are various instances, where people have developed liking and built strong bonds over Facebook. Many a times, guys ask this question that How to make female friends on Facebook as generally females want to share their personal details with the right guy. So, let us discuss some of the ways to attract Women on Facebook which should follow in order to become “Mr. Right”.

Ways to Attract Women on Facebook

Set the right Profile Picture
The first and foremost thing which is visible on the top of your Facebook Profile is your display picture or profile picture. Never keep a fake picture on your profile. Make sure you put your perfectly clicked image on Facebook as anybody who would view your profile, will definitely give an intense look to your image.

1- Profile Picture

People even judge you by way of your pictures which are right there on your profile. Even the tagged ones need to checked and updated accordingly as sometimes they can create a wrong impression of yours on the females.


Complete your profile with genuine and intelligent information
If a woman will check and go through your profile, after your picture she will definitely read the information filled by you. Sometimes, females are actually considered as great spies. They have this quality naturally. So make sure you fill in the true and correct credentials. Show your talent and caliber with the help of it. Some of the profile tips which you should keep in your mind are:


  • Make sure you sound witty and intelligent.
  • Don’t give something unwarranted. Put only true and genuine details of yours.
  • Try to bring humor in your content. Females have a natural kink to develop attraction towards humorous guys.


Like and follow the meaningful pages and links
Everything is clearly visible on your wall unless and until you have enabled special security features. Every page you like and every link you follow will be easily visible to the one who is showing interest in you. A girl will closely peruse and check even the minor act. So, follow the meaningful pages. This will make her feel more comfortable with you. If you follow this advice right, it can be one of the best ways to attract women on Facebook.

3 - like

Make sure you are a gentleman
This is not actually a trick or tip to learn. Every guy should be a gentleman in reality and if he is actually so, he should convey the same in right manner. With the help of Facebook you can portray special features and qualities possessed by you. A female by looking at your profile deeply forms a perception and image of yours without even having conversation with you. So make sure you follow below mentioned tips:


  • Do not appear insensitive or rude. Make sure your comments don’t hurt the sentiments of others.
  • Your politeness and calm attitude can be adjudged from your pictures, your posts and comments.
  • Be sensible and respect everybody especially women as this will allow women to create a good image of yours.


Your Facebook Account should seem lively and in operation
Not all of us get enough time to even log-in to our accounts everyday or update a post every time. But if you finding answers to this question that How to make female friends on Facebook, then for that you need to constantly stay in touch and give some time to Facebook on daily basis. Your account should not seem inoperative to any female as it will be the biggest turn-off for her and you will lose all your chances of impressing your “Miss Right”.


These were some of the simple yet right ways to attract women on Facebook. Avoid such situations where just due to a single mistake or wrong approach of yours, you lost all your chances of attracting the right girl.

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