Top Ten Tips for Raising Teenagers

So your little bundle of joy has grown up now and has stepped into his/her teen years. Yes, this is the time you will find them handling not easy and make them understand as well. There would be moment when you will feel terribly sad or find out the huge gap with your bonding with them. The thing is, you too got to change yourself with time, and you can’t handle them as you did when teens were in your hands. These top ten tips for raising teenagers will guide you to make sure-shot friendly relation with teen kids.


No wonder, teens are kind of fresh ideas, young blood, new tradition and fresh generation with lot of courageous attitude and they could be persuasive at times.

Tips For Raising Teenagers

Recall your teen years:


You can’t understand people unless and until you consider yourself in their shoes or in their condition. You have lived your teen years and that was the time when you too made mistakes, would have done silly things, or even awkward at times. Dear parents, before start raising your teenagers make sure you recall those days.



That’s the key of making a better relationship especially when it comes to the people with age gaps. Communication comes later, understanding is first. You can’t talk to teens like as you used to when they were toddlers. It’s their time to explore things so it’s quite obvious to them to ask or saying something inappropriate but in the end it’s up to you to deal with them.

Don’t let them take you for granted:


Yes, you were, are and will be there for them in need but you don’t have to solve each problem, let them face it and handle it. While helping teens with their issues and problems every time, you are making them weak.

Give them responsibilities:


It’s the peak time you should let your kids know what their responsibilities are or would be in future soon. It could be mopping of their bedroom, though you are not asking them to look after you but still they must know how to look after their adults and parents.

Be their friend:

Family at home with laptop computer

Teen years welcome lot of new experiences and things to share in mind and if your kids keep those things away from you, you never know when it could harm them or you. Therefore, make yourself easy with them and spend time with them talking about their likes and thoughts.

You can be salty at times:


Since it’s the starting phase of their teen years, and you started being friends with them, doing the all things of their likes but it could make them take you for granted. Don’t forget to be salty with them. They must know the difference between parents and friends.

Teach them how to build positive attitude:


You can’t do unless you raise your vibes and keep up with positive attitude, right! Teenagers are like free wind they want to try everything comes in their way, while facing obstacles in life, they might lose their confidence but let them know what they can do with having positive attitude.

Say NO when you feel so:


It’s not required to give your kids everything they demand! That was different thing when teenagers were toddlers as you wanted to make them happy so toys and other things were only to let them feel happy and playful. But, when they are in teen ages, you can’t do that, no cars, no unnecessary camping or anything you find out non-satisfactory. Say big No!

Teach them life skills:


Your teen knows how to drive car or how to hack access login to your computer? That’s great! But life skills will be the integrated part of their life style soon. Let them know how to cook, how to fill bank form, how to look after home when you are not around.

Help them finding their goals:

Multi-ethnic group of teenagers (14 to 16 years) at tennis clinic with instructor (30s). Focus on girl in foreground (15 years).

Don’t let them waste this phase of life! Teach them how to utilize this precious time and help them finding their hobbies, what they are passionate about and what they want to become in life.

We shared the best top ten tips for raising teenagers that will surely let your kids to opt what they must. If you have something share with us, please feel free to drop us a comment.

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