6 Tips for your Healthiest Hair Ever

Nice hair is not always important in your life but healthy hair is. People have to work hard to get a healthy hair and you are also in that way. Whatever you do with your hair, if they are not healthy nothing will happen and all your spending will be useless. So your dream of looking like cinderella is going to be real now onwards. You are just a step behind of having the healthiest hair ever. So don’t waste any more time. They will simply look mesmerizing and there’s no magic behind it. So you shouldn’t get upset about your unhealthy hair as it’s time to cut the word unhealthy before your hair.

Tips for your Healthiest Hair Ever:

Protect your Hair:

It is very important to protect your hair from the critical sunlight, wind, and rain as you basically don’t know how it is going to affect your hair. So the only way to protect your hair is avoiding exposure to sun, heat and dirt pollution etc. Actually, all these things may lead to dirt build up, drying out hair and scalp which will damage your hairs severely and you will be more prone to scalp infections. So most of the time when you are out, cover your hair with an umbrella or a hat. Even if you don’t have anything, you can cover it with a piece of cloth. You can also use heat protection hair spray.

Control your Wet Hair:

You bath daily and your hair gets wet, you have nothing to do with that. But do you know that wet hair is very fragile and it can break out very easily than dry hair? When your hair is wet, the roots are more prone to damage. The only way is to know how to deal with your wet hair. S keep in mind, when you are shampooing your hair, you shouldn’t be too harsh. Also, avoid brushing your hair immediately after a shampoo. So in the case of any avoidance or if have no time to wait then it’s better to use a shower cap.

Regular Conditioning:

Moisturizing your hair is very essential after each and every wash. So never walk out of your bathroom without conditioning your hair. In one word conditioning is a must. Otherwise, your hair will start becoming frizzy. Also, it is always recommended to use shampoo and conditioner of the same brand and the same line. This is just because of the similar formulation. The formulations are always made of specific hair types and problems and it always shows the better result when you use the same shampoo and conditioner for a long time.

Avoid Tight Hair Ties:

While styling, often we tie our hair tightly for a specific look, but that s not at all good for our hair. Don’t tight tie your hair and try to use scrunchies with cloth around them which is very good for hair. Tying your hair tightly pulls your hair backward and it results in massive friction. As a result, hair breaks out. Also, don’t tight braid your hair when you are going for a sleep at night. Loosely braid your hair to avoid any frizzy mess and a side braid is always a good option. But don’t leave your hair loose at night as it creates unnecessary knots.

Use Satin Pillows:

This sounds luxurious but it is always better for your hair and also better for your sleep. Sleeping on a satin pillow cover reduces the breakage of hair due to friction. The surface is so smooth that it keeps out your hair from any friction and damage. Cotton or any other substances are always rough in texture and that results in a friction of your hair with the pillow surface.

Use Cold Water:

Always use cold water to wash your hair because it is good for your hair. Maybe for some weather reasons or health issues, we often take hot water bath but that is not at all good for your hair. But we are not saying about cold frozen water, we are saying the about the water which is at room temperature. You can use hot water for the rest of your body but not for the hair as it is tremendously bad for your hair.

Perhaps now you have believed that getting a healthy hair is not about a magic and it is about reality. You will have to think and work with your hair and protect it from any damage and that will do all your job. No hair is bad and it becomes bad because of the way we deal with it. So you should know the right way to deal with it. So it’s now your time to get your healthiest hair ever.

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