Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Red Hair Vibrant

Congrats if you got the spicy red color on your hair and hope you’re having lot of appreciation and love from your pals or whoever sees it. Hairstyling and coloring has become a fashion and now-a-days, girls show courage to color their hair, though; it’s not that easy for some of us but hats off to those bold ladies. No wonder, anyone can get desired hair color but when it comes to red, it’s not that easy.


But, if you have done it then bae, it’s not the end you got to maintain that vibrant flavor of your brand new hair color. If you don’t want color fade away do strictly follow these below given tips and tricks to keep your red hair vibrant and sexy!

Know about right shade:


That’s what exactly you must consider as foremost thing to do! Hair stylist now how to play with colors on hair and as you know there are plenty of colors with vast range of shades, sometimes you can’t even differentiate unless you get your hair colored.  If you actually get the right shades on your hair and I assure you that people won’t believe it as real and natural. Therefore, do lot of research and once you get it done; you got to start take care of color in specific way.

Skip washing your hair:


Yes, you keep everything hygienic! But this time we are not sorry and you got to avoid washing hair daily or else you gonna say bye bye to that ravishing red color hair. First 2-3 weeks need proper care and attention so you don’t wash hair daily but you can wash on alternate days, ye son another day. Moreover, even if you got that color from pro hair stylist or by yourself then, in that case too, follow this tip.

Use suitable products on your hair:


As mentioned above, you got to wash hair in alternate days and that might cause you using ‘that’ branded shampoo and expensive conditioner, right? But that’s where you need to be a bit more strict and logical with yourself. You can only conditioner and shampoo which are formulated and recommended for colored hair. You can ask hairstylist or search on internet as sometimes, it would be so easy to buy that products in nearby store or market, buy online!

Hydrate your precious hair:


Let them breathe! Hydrated hair always gives better appearance and looks shiny, silky and happy healthy. Hydration is mandatory and it does not matter if you have short or long hair, or even the coloring as well. Since you got your hair colored, there would be damn thirsty strands and need hydration. Plenty of conditioners are there which are best when it’s about hydrating hair and if you got dry hair, you can have conditioning hair mask.

Protect them while styling:


So, you are fond of that curling rod, isn’t that true? Then you must be aware of using heating spray to avoid any harm. Especially, when your hair is colored, heating spray should be used as it’s for sure that heat can penetrate your hair’s strands and consequently fade away the color. Therefore, keep it in mind and often you can try simple hairstyle as have a cute pony tail and take a break from those time consuming hair style.

You are one of those ‘Redheads’ now and that stands you out from the crowd, so obviously you got to keep that red color looks vibrant and fresh. Flaunt your sexy color and keep them healthy by keeping in mind these tips and tricks to keep your red hair vibrant.

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