Things To Do To Become The Popular Personality In Your College

While it might be incorrect to draw comparisons from one’s school life to that of college for each has its own charm, the latter however brings in some of the best memories when an individual makes a transition to early adulthood. This is the phase when you learn to take charge of your own life and also learn from mistakes committed.

A mixed bag of boring lectures, sports, clubs and parties, crushes, cafeterias and restaurants, arguments and what not, college life can turn exciting when you have scored high in the popularity meter. So if you haven’t got that yet, try following this checklist containing ways or things to become popular in your college.

Things to become popular in your college.

Learn humility and frankness

1- Learn humility

Why give the chance to be misjudged for someone having severe attitude issues? Go out and talk to people. In interacting, you express yourself better and make others feel comfortable around you, especially if you are blessed with the gift of the gab. Humility and politeness will never be taken for flattery, so practice and win over people.

Be loyal to friends

2- Be loyal to friends

The common misconception is that you are popular only if you have made a lot of friends. It is nothing to be appreciated if you have befriended almost everyone in the campus. The real test comes when you are beside them at their time of need. The best thing therefore is to check for the quality of your friends. You are a man or woman of words if you know how to be loyal and stick to them through their thick and thin. This is a major sign of how you value your friendship and maintain your self-respect.

Join clubs and participate in activities

3.1 - clubs

Are you inclined towards dance or music? Or are you a better athlete? Regardless of whatever talents you have, showcase them to others. Every college has clubs for music, fine arts, literature, debates, sports, creative pursuits and even technical ones concerning your subject of study at the college. Sitting back for fear of rejection in an audition is a fool’s job. There’s no harm if you haven’t won shields or medals but willingness to freely participate in such college activities and fests will get you noticed.

Be active on social media

Social media concept torn newspaper headlines reading marketing, networking, community, internet etc

With all due to respect to opinions from many, social media platforms are indispensable to the present generation. Choose your own domain from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, Snapchat and many more to make active profiles. Once you build your own, expect to be welcomed into groups, pages, communities and you can also create your own events or become the admin of the confession page of your college. This is a great way of getting into the talk. However, exercise caution and learn to maintain your own dignity.

Maintain your unique style

4 - unique style

Climbing the popularity meter doesn’t entail you lose out on your uniqueness. Rather than blindly following others’ footsteps, start building your own style statement. Imagine if everyone follows the league, then where lies the individuality? If you want people to perceive you well, be clear about your own identity and stop aping others. Your genuineness is what you must portray and be known for. Whether it comes to trendy clothes or your accent while talking, it is vital you stick to something classy. There is no harm getting inspired from others but work to maintain your own. So don’t make the mistake of putting up an adventurous show when you are actually a reserved person. People around you will always identify your style that is generally reflective of the distinct persona you are.

There are more that can add up to the list and it depends upon you wish to be known for. There are good and bad ways of becoming popular in college and you are free to take your pick.

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