40 Tattoo Sleeve Designs and Ideas

Here’s another superb idea for you to get tattooed and look sexier. You would love to watch your arm getting inked as soon as you get to know about the beautiful themes and classy tattoo sleeve designs and ideas.

And guess what! You don’t need to worry about your professional appearance since you can easily hide your tattoo whenever required. Enjoy imagining yourself in these awesome tattoo sleeve designs and ideas.

Tattoo Sleeve Designs and Ideas

American Tattoo Theme

1- American
Famous symbols that are being involved in American tattoo sleeve designs and ideas are flag painting, eagle, stars in the flag or anything else which is related to America. While getting a natural design tattooed, make sure to get inked with colors they actually incorporate. Bald eagle is a famous tattoo design amongst Americans.


Chinese theme of tattooing

2 - Chinese
Every country is blessed with innumerable unique characteristics. China is richly blessed with awesome culture and flora fauna beauty. The charming cherry blossom, dragon and red panda tattoos look so mesmerizing that they are simply irresistible.


Floral body art theme

3- Floral body
Who ain’t on earth love to look like flower? Smelling like flower seems a bit too difficult and artificial, but making someone look like flower is just damn too easy for tattoo masters. Then why not snatch this opportunity? Roses, sunflowers, lilies, orchids and a lot more beautiful flowers are waiting for you to look like them. You may also ink a scenario of nature’s beauty along with butterflies and hummingbird.


Life tattoo theme

4 - life

You may choose a tattoo with all the basic natural necessities for life. Air, sun, rain and water are major symbols used for this theme along with stars; galaxy and recreational part of universe may also be included for authenticity. Tree of life is another such symbol that represents life in a much meaningful way. Don’t forget to run behind natural look by choosing authentic colors.


Theme for music lovers

5- music
If you are the kind of person who loves to keep music on head all the time, then you probably would love to keep it on your sleeve as well. Music is a huge wild mystery! You will get tired of watching the wide range of designs but the designs won’t end. Right from the musical notes to the great musicians; anything and everything can be portrayed on the canvas of your sleeve.


Remembering your loved ones

6- love
Memory is always alive and an all new emotion of bonding. You may be remembering somebody right now. If you agree, you will surely love to put on their name or something else related to them. Cross, angels, roses are general symbols to help you wear the tattoo in memory of your beloved persons.


Sun sign Theme

7 - Sun
Since the world is moving forward to development, the science is replacing belief from zodiac. Still, the ultimate artwork will attract you forcing to indulge into the meaning of your sun sign. You may surprise your partner by putting on the zodiac sign of you two in love inside a heart. You may detail the design with the help of vines and flowers. Stars, anchor, sun are some other great options.


Holy Theme tattoos

8 - Holy
Praying hands, cross, cherubs are some of the symbols liked by spiritual tattoo lovers. Anything which could make you feel could be considered as spiritual and holy. Hence, you may choose to wear a tattoo containing design of an object which makes you feel positive.

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