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10 Sizzling Homecoming Outfit Ideas to Try This Year

10 Sizzling Homecoming Outfit Ideas to Try This Year

The prom night is done and Christmas Eve is too far… So what? Homecoming is just around the corner peeps! Did you ever know that if you had to look back at the tradition of homecoming, it actually all began in the football alumni’s! Yes, that is true. It all started in the 19th century,

40 Cool Fashion Ideas For girl Students

While we do not mean to be gender biased, the fact is that fashion offers more choices to girls than to boys. This is a fact because not only are specific fashion ideas just for girls but they can easily pick out ideas for fashion from the ones that are applicable to boys. This means

40 Simple & Easy Hairstyles for School girls

School time can be real fun for most of us. The only drawback remains the style bit that surely takes a backseat, especially for girls. Who doesn’t crave for Rapunzel like tresses but maintaining can be a tad tricky. Boys are lucky to be spared in this department, barring a few who love flaunting their