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35 Easy Christmas Nail Art Designs And Ideas

35 Easy Christmas Nail Art Designs And Ideas

Beautiful ladies, what are you up to for this Christmas? Despite the home decor and yummy cookies recipe you might be wondering what dress would you flaunt and other makeup hacks. Well, in this case, this post is entirely dedicated to easy Christmas nail art designs and ideas. No matter if you’re going to hit

10 Hairstyles to Try on your Face

It’s New Year and everyone is trying to come up with new things. So you should also think about your fashion. Hairstyle is one of the most important part of your fashion statement and so you should always come up with the real trend around you. Here, this article is a bit different as it

40 Short Pixie Hairstyles for Women

Actually, we people have a mis-conception about short hairs. We think that good hairstyles can’t be done with short hairs. But we can say that the women with short hairs are also lucky enough to go with many beautiful hairstyles. New year is about to come and you should also think about some new hairstyle.