Simple Tips To Remember Tattoo After Care

Congratulations for the brand new dashing tattoo design you have got! You might have been flaunting its design and adorable colors and trying matching outfits but don’t be so careless. You must know the fact that skin is more prone to infection and disease when you are just done with tattoo design on your body. No wonder, you did all whatever it takes to get unique tat design but engraving it only won’t do the best for you as it needs proper care and unavoidable after cares if to keep your skin healthy and tattoo set up perfectly.


However, a newly engraved tattoo needs 10-12 days to heal properly but it depends on how you treat and after care. Even though, you have been following all after care and preventions but healing might take more or less than two weeks.

Tattoo After Care

Basic Tattoo after care tips:


After care tips and precautions may vary person to person or the body part you have it on. As immediate after care, your tattoo artist will likely to have you strictly covering the tattoo and you are not allowed to uncover the bandage. Make sure you follow this simple and basic tip or you will ruin your tattoo and expensive clothes.

Wash it regularly.


Regular cleansing is must and considering a soft and anti-bacterial soap for washing will prevent your skin from infection. Wash your tattoo twice a day with non-scented soap and wash regularly on daily basis for at least 10 days. Moreover, in case if you want to touch or feel the tattoo skin wash your hands, fingers and fingernails properly to avoid any infection.

Avoid going gym:


Say bye to sweating i.e. gym, workout or any physical activity that could bring you salty sweating. Since, tattoo is not healed yet and salt in your sweat can give you deadly pain, rashes or itching and you would not love to poke skin seriously. Avoid going into large water bodies, yes, no swimming pools, no hot tubs and no beaches! In fact, you got to cover skin for keeping it safe and untouched.

No Direct Sun contact:


It’s all about avoiding sun or the skin will be burned and it’s really painful and sun can fade your tattoo color easily even if it’s not healed. Moreover, if you find your skin recovering and tattoo is looking glamorous still you got to keep yourself away from direct contact from sun. The thing is- sun light damage your skin and it makes tattoo looks fade and blurred, sometimes it makes tattoo look older and you won’t like that for sure.

let the tattoo breathe:


Yes, covering it with clothes, thin layer of products which might costs you heavy bucks, could stop the breathing of your skin. How could you even imagine a healthy skin eve if it’s properly breathing, regular intake of oxygen and fresh air through skin pores can purify the skin and safe you from infection.

Feed yourself healthy:


Avoid smoking and eat healthy, green vegetables are best source of healing nutrients, feed your skin healthy food and resultant will be dashing looking tattoo. People are now aware of tattooing and this is the worst thing about it, people might think they know much about tattoo design and its after care so you would get lot of suggestions and ideas from pals and known ones but it could be misinformation.

These tattoo after care tips can ensure you the beautiful and everlasting tattoo with fantastic representation on your skin. All you need to follow the above given tips and instruction. Tattooing is becoming a fashion trend and it stays forever with you so don’t take it lightly and go for the expert tips always. Friends, you can share your tattoo experience with us in comment section and let us know if this post was helpful.

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