40 Simple & Easy Hairstyles for School girls

School time can be real fun for most of us. The only drawback remains the style bit that surely takes a backseat, especially for girls. Who doesn’t crave for Rapunzel like tresses but maintaining can be a tad tricky. Boys are lucky to be spared in this department, barring a few who love flaunting their grown locks! What is important to remember is that school girls need not be restricted to a fixed style boundary.

There are some simple and easy hairstyles for school girls to try from. It won’t take much of your time for slight modifications in basic hairdos will do the trick.

Simple & Easy Hairstyles for School girls

Criss Cross Applesauce

1 - Criss Cross Applesauce

1.1 Criss Cross Applesauce

Take a break from the usual ponytails and pigtails. For those with mid-length to long hair, this is an ideal choice. Make two pony styles on both sides and two smaller braids at the top. Now criss-cross both and tie them into pigtails. Your cute girl is bound to turn into a fashionista.

Half ponytail with twisted front

2 - Half ponytail with twisted front

One of the best and beautiful hairstyles for school girls, this nice half ponytail and those long, loose, flowy curls accentuate the look altogether. To get an extra zing, you can twist the front section and attach some bobby pins to keep the hair in place.

Side braided look

4- Side braided look

Throw in some bangs on one side and make a braid on the other. Gather hair from both ends and the braid as well to tie into a pony using a hair band. Highly cute and adorable, your little one will love you for this.

Ballerina Bella style

5- Ballerina Bella style

5.1 - Ballerina Bella style

Have you ever seen those tiny ballerinas dancing away to glory? No it’s not just the shoes or short dress that makes them fetching. Twisted buns with beautiful bows are what draw your attention. Simply make the pigtails on both sides and make an up do or buns of it. Whether schools or dance classes, special occasions as birthdays or weddings, your girl will rock it!

Twist back



Running out of time and have no clue how to make your little woman the showstopper for the annual day? Brush back the hair keeping a parting at one side. Take few strands from there and twist back a portion of the hair from the other side. Now clip it to the back of the hair. Clean and easy!

Colorful Pony

7 -Colorful Pony

Have you ever wondered about the beauty and innocence of your little girl? Never make the mistake of going over the top with hairstyle tricks. This is exactly why you should pull of the hair from her face and add few sections of it to create a colorful effect using coordinating hair ties. It will resemble much like a caterpillar and yet keep her fashion-forward. And yes, it suits long and short hair alike.

Messy pigtails

8 - Messy pigtails

8.1 - Messy pigtails

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