40 Room decoration ideas for birthday

If you are a teenager who is planning to decorate a room for a birthday or someone who is decorating a room for an occasion like a teenager’s birthday, you will soon find that it is not as simple as simply adding ribbons and balloons. Teenagers are different; they are that stage of life where they are poised on the edge of adulthood but have not completely left their childhood behind. What this means you cannot make the mistake of having decorations that are more suitable for children for their birthdays nor can you go towards completely adult or grownup themes. Does this mean that room decoration ideas for birthday for teenagers are impossible? No, this is not the case but one has to do a lot of thinking to get it right.

We give here some ideas on how to get the theme right and also some ideas for you to try. Once you have seen some of the simple tips given here, we are sure that you will be able to come up with many ideas on your own.

Room decoration ideas for birthday

Go with the latest pop rage among teens

1- latest pop rage among teens

A gory theme can work too

2- gory theme

If the party is going to be for boys then games night and related decorations is a good idea


If you are the birthday is for a girls then you can go for a fashion theme

4- fashion theme

Bling also works for girls birthday decorations

5- Bling

A comic hero theme is also good for birthday decorations

6- comic hero theme

Ghost house can also be a good idea to go with

7 - Ghost house

If you have the time and money you can go with an adventure theme

8 - adventure theme

Add tents and make it a camping party theme


Base the birthday theme on a popular movie

10- movie based

Masks and crowns


Give a space like feeling to the birthday party using aluminum

12 - space like feeling to the birthday party

Alien themes can also work for teen birthday parties

13 - Alien themes

Puzzle themes are also good for teen birthday parties

14 - Puzzle themes

Balloons with photos keeping them anchored is also a good idea for birthday decorations

15- Balloons with photos

Black and white picture decorations are also a good idea

16- Black and white picture decorations

Beach umbrellas are a good way to decorate a room for birthday parties

17 - Beach umbrellas

Cutesy retro ideas are also a good idea to go with

18-Cutesy retro ideas

A chocolate theme decorations is a delicious way to go


Japanese decorations bring a nice oriental theme


You can also go for a musical group based decorations


Candy themed decorations are a good birthday idea


Cave like birthday decorations


Halloween is a good way to go for birthdays too


Under the table kind of party decorations can appeal to teenagers


Banners and posters


Backlit wall hangings can add to the mystery of the birthday party
28 - Backlit wall hangings

Hunger games is another way to think about birthday decorations

29 - Hunger games

Game of thrones is another theme

30 - Game of thrones

Harry Potter elements can also be used

31 - Harry Potter

Narnia is another theme that is good

32 - Narnia

Twilight series with vampires and wolves is a good theme to borrow from

33 - vampires and wolves

Nautical decorations also work well for birthday


Outdoor parties can borrow from nature to make the decorations special


Lights floating in water is another decorating theme that will never lose its char

36 - Lights floating in water

Go dotty with decorations

37 - dotty with decorations

Use plastic tablecloths to get creative with your decorations for the birthday

38-  plastic tablecloths

Glittery and shiny is a nice way to decorate for a teenage birthday

39- Glittery and shiny

Candlelight is also a great way to decorate for a birthday

40 - Candlelight

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