Five Reasons Why Women Love Designer Handbags

There’s a deep connect between fashion and women, something that is hard to decipher. Talk to most of them about what’s trending big and you are sure to find them all ears! In fact, taking advantage of this weakness present among most of them, designers work towards creating any apparel or accessory for women. On the whole, women find fashion an outlet or rather a great way of exploring themselves before the outside world. When we say ‘someone has a great fashion sense’, it only implies that fashionable items have helped portray a unique image for the person, which actually renders sophistication, confidence and charm.

If you remember the saying, ‘women carry their world in their bags’, it will all make sense to why and how this specific accessory holds so much of significance for them. Besides, coming from designers has its own value in the wardrobe (why leave out their hearts!). Here’s taking at 5 valid reasons why women love designer handbags.

Reasons Why Women Love Designer Handbags

It’s all about creating an impression

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The old adage ‘first impression is the last impression’ rings true till date, especially among women. Bags in all their avatars are real requirements. From totes to clutches, this is a crucial accessory that makes or breaks the look altogether. Designer handbags actually have a certain brand value. The moment it catches the attention of someone’s eyes, the drab and boring look can disappear in a jiffy.

A solid investment

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As much as you want something so dearly yet not wanting to burn a hole in your pocket, certain things speak for themselves that makes you invest on them. If you have researched well about your favorite bag from your favorite designer, it is perfectly okay to go ahead and purchase. After all it’s a signature piece and you will never regret your decision. Moreover, these handbags are not your clothes or shoes that you stack in your wardrobe after wearing once or twice for they are timeless and complement your look, regardless of the occasion or purpose. What more, appreciation keeps coming all the way!

Novelty coupled with craftsmanship

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If there is anything that drives a woman insane is when she finds someone else sporting the same thing as her. Think of designer handbags and you know that such chances are bare minimum. Having a unique bag from a recognized label brings to the fore your interest towards innovation. At the same time, the kind of luxury bag you purchase speak volumes about how you give paramount importance to aspects like superior quality material, durability, intricate work and the like; features that are usually absent in mass-produced and cheap bags.

Glamour quick fix

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The best thing about designer handbags is that they can be used in multifarious ways. There are quite a few instances when women find themselves at a terrible loss when attending a party or a date night. It could be anything from a bad hair day to not having a proper dress but what brings the spark is an ‘eloquent bag to the rescue’! Even when your makeup or broken heels have given you enough reason to wear a frown on the face, your handbag can help you become the showstopper.

That ‘one’ bag!

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What is a bag that fails to offer fashion combined with utility? As stressed earlier, women love to stay fashionable but if the purpose is not achieved, then everything is defeated. Your designer handbag goes to waste if it doesn’t fulfill the basics. In other words, it must be able to pack in stuffs needed from morning to night including paper clips, make-up kits, water bottles, charger, money, keys and everything else. The reason to resort to such a bag is largely because it must be able to undo every fashion woe!

Women and their fashion needs are ever-changing and yes, never changing! So handbags are sure to make them weak in their knees.

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