20 Money Saving Apps For Your College Life

We all know that a college education can be very expensive and you will need to do everything possible and take all steps to save money. This may sound like a tough task but with the pass we list out here, you will be able to start doing so.

money saving mobile apps

Your Bank’s App

This is an app that will help you keep close tabs on your bank account. This way you will be able to track your account balance and make transfers to savings accounts, when you have a little money saved.

Chegg: You can use this app to buy or borrow and access e-textbooks. This app gives you access to the book for about seven days online even as the book is on the way to you.


This one helps you find special coupons and deals that are available on and near the campus. This way you can not only find good deals to save money for yourself but also share them with friends using Facebook.

Cheapest Textbooks

You can look for the text books that you need using either the ISBN number, title of the book or the author. This app helps you locate the book at the lowest price, which you have the option to either rent or buy outright.

Restaurant apps

In general, look for apps on restaurants that you visit so that you can get points for purchases. This can either lead to discounts or even free food  or coupons. You may also get a free offer for just downloading the app in the first place.

TUN – The University Network

This app will keep you updated on the deals and discounts that you can avail in your area. This also adds points to your account for checking in, sharing and clicking pictures. You can redeem the points for many things like haircuts or food.

Check Me

This is an app by Mint and will help you managing and tracking your bank account. You will be able to get updates on the bills that are due, which will keep your credit history healthy and help you avoid penalties for late payments.


You can use the scanner for barcodes when you are out looking for books to locate the lowest prices. You may also use the same app to sell of the book once you are done with it.

RoverTown Student Discounts

This helps you to redeem discounts and earn bonus for free things. You can follow businesses for discount updates.


You can scan the book using this app for online price comparison. You can use criteria like author, ISBN number or the title to do so.


The barcode scanner in this app will let you buy or rent books at good prices and also allow you to sell them once you have no use for it.

ATM Hunter

Use this app to find ATMs of your bank and avoid fees for using others.


This is a boon for students who are overshooting their data plan. It compresses the data by running in the background and directs data over a limit to their serves and using compression technology. This allows you to go for a lower budget plan and save money.

Your credit card’s app

Some apps in this area will make paying bills easier, help avoid late fees and also redeem points by keeping tabs on all aspects of your account while safeguarding your account.

The Coupons App

Get promotional and coupon codes from eateries and shops

Campus Special

Get special offers, discounts as well as loyalty bonuses from businesses and joints around the place you are in. Also, use the app to order food when you are not inclined to go out.


Use this app to source gas at lower prices around your place when you use your car to move around the campus etc..


Locate coupons, special and happy hours near the location you are in to cut down on recreation costs..

WiFi Finder

Use this app to latch on to free WiFi and avoid using up your data plan to make it last longer.


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