100 Lion Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Men and Women

Getting inked is a great feeling. Most tattoo enthusiasts will emphasize on getting something that reflects one’s personality as drilling the tattoo machine for the sake of it or flaunting before others since it’s trending is sheer waste of time and can result in nothing but repentance later. Lion tattoo designs and ideas for men and women are becoming common primarily because of how the ‘king of jungle’ symbolizes strength, masculinity, robustness, courage, personal intensity, nobility, authority and royalty. It is not uncommon for males to carry off this design with élan, more than their female counterparts, chiefly because the latter are more comfortable with ‘girly’ stuffs! Though to each his own, yet for those who have seriously given a thought to don a lion tattoo, here’s taking a look to uncover the deep-seated meanings of these tattoos.


Often considered to be representative of the sun and an embodiment of passion, lion tattoo designs have increasingly taken the present-day tattoo freaks by storm. There are several variations to choose from, be the wild beast calmly seated or roaring ferociously, specifically styled tattoos as tribal, Celtic or medieval art or simply in the form of Leo, the zodiac sign; symbolism of lion tattoos vary across cultures, beliefs and purposes.

Lion Tattoo Designs

The lion is basically a solar animal, having qualities and characteristics of the sun. It is said that the mane of the lion looks like sun rays. This naturally means an association between sun and lion is present.

lion tattoo designs (1)

lion tattoo designs (1)

lion tattoo designs (2)

lion tattoo designs (3)

A red lion in alchemy is all about dominance. The color green on the other hand, means a new beginning or a streak of feminineness. It is often said that two lions tattooed together arerepresentative of a harmonious relationship between males and females.

Significance of Lion Tattoo designs:

To the Chinese, lion tattoo designs for men imply power, good luck and guardianship. Much like most people, Chinese believe that the earth and the sun can best be represented by lion. Generally, their tattoos stand for strength, balance, luck and female wisdom.

lion tattoo designs (4)

lion tattoo designs (5)

lion tattoo designs (6)

lion tattoo designs (7)

This takes one to ‘Leo’, the 5th zodiac sign. If traits are to go by, people born in between July 23-August 22 fall under this category. This ‘fire sign’ includes all who are highly energetic, stubborn, yet good-hearted, adventurous and balanced people. They are what we say the ‘no-nonsense’ masses! So it is not uncommon finding Leo people taking to this tattoo design.

lion tattoo designs (9)

lion tattoo designs (8)

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