I am Sorry Messages for Him and Her: 40 ways to Apologize

Men and Women are completely different to each other. At times, they are even opposites and share different viewpoints. Whenever there is conflict between thoughts, ideas and viewpoints, it is natural that fight and misunderstandings will crop between two individuals. The same happens in every relation of a man and woman whether it is of love-mates, girlfriend-boyfriend or husband-wife. It is true that love between them may be eternal but still there will be fights and issues that will create differences.

I am Sorry (7)

In this write up to help all of you who are in a lovely relationship with their partners but are searching for some innovative yet unique ways to apologize to them, we have come up some of the great I’m Sorry messages for him and her. Hope you will adore and cherish these ideas.

I am Sorry Messages for Him and Her


  • I love you from the bottom of my heart, please forgive and call me. I am Sorry my love.
  • I don’t know when I hurt you. But, I miss you when you are not here. Please come back, I am Sorry.
  • The way you used to scold me is even missed by me now.
  • Let’s promise, we won’t fight ever.
  • Please come back my darling, I will never hurt you again.

I am Sorry (1)

  • Let’s say Sorry and patch-up again.
  • Love is the most pure feeling in this world. I am Sorry.
  • We will always stay together. I will never leave you alone.
  • Please promise that you will never leave me.
  • We met as friends one day but now you are my husband. I love you a lot more than forever.

I am Sorry (3)

  • I don’t know which way is the best way to apologize, but still I would say, I am Sorry.
  • Dear wife, forgive me I am Sorry.
  • Clear all the misunderstanding and return back to home.
  • Sorry simply means I will not do it again. Please forgive me.
  • Sweetheart, you are always on my mind. I can’t live without you.

I am Sorry (2)

  • I will love more than anything in this world. I am sorry honey.
  • Don’t know how to make you normal. Let’s forgive and forget my dear.
  • You felt bad due to my behavior, that’s why I am Sorry.
  • Please speak up and tell me how I hurt you.
  • Come back sweetheart, I can’t live without you.

I am Sorry (4)

  • Life is meaningless without you. Everything seems so dull and boring.
  • You are everything for me. I need you back.
  • Don’t leave me ever. I can’t breathe without you.
  • I need you with me. I am sorry.
  • Please come back. I can’t survive without you even for seconds.

I am Sorry (5)

  • Promise me that you won’t hurt me anymore.
  • You are my life. I love you whole-heartedly.
  • I am sorry for my rude and arrogant behavior. Please forgive me.
  • My dear Husband, I feel incomplete without you. Please talk to me.
  • I am sorry. I will become more understanding.

I am Sorry (6)

  • Life seems so colorless if you are not there with me.
  • You are my soul mate, you are my life. Please forgive me and come back my wife.
  • Please forget the past, and let’s make a new beginning in our life.
  • If I would have ever known the best way to apologize to you I have done that with you.

I am Sorry (8)

  • I may be wrong sometimes and sometimes right. Please come closer and hold me tight.
  • I am nothing without you. Forgive and forget.
  • You are always on my mind. I feel confident when you are with me.
  • Let’s cut the sourness between our lovely relations.
  • I want to stay happy with you always.
  • No matter how far you may go, I will always wait for you. I love you.

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