How To Make Cheap Clothes And Accessories Look Expensive

Yes, it’s all about quality of product, fabric and manual work that’s been done on your branded outfits. Even if you don’t have that expensive and branded outfits and jewelry you still can make them look branded and expensive enough to flaunt them and of course that will intensify your fashion sense and overall look. Yes, that’s true pal! Stay focused and be prepared to bring that look and stylish touch by trying below shared tips and let us know if you got more hacks or secret tips to make cheap accessories and dress look lavish.


Let us tell you clearly that the tips do not need you to do any expert work or kind of fashion designer work but putting some hacks and arrangements will be enough. And this might cost you few bucks but it would be worthy since you are going to change the overall look of your cheap outfits and accessories.

How To Make Cheap Clothes And Accessories Look Expensive

Proper washing, steaming and washing instructions must be followed, even though you have branded dress but if you are not keeping it properly it won’t stay in your wardrobe for much longer.

  • Replace the buttons: how-to-make-cheap-clothes-and-accessories-look-expensive-1 You didn’t think of it, right? This is the foremost thing you must do, ditch the old buttons and have some mother of pearl buttons which will surely uplift the charm and give the styling to your outfits.
  • Get it tailored as per your measurements: how-to-make-cheap-clothes-and-accessories-look-expensive-2 One should look FIT! Dress you buy can’t fit you always or even if you are fond of wearing your lover’s shirt to feel his love for you, you better go to the tailor to give it that fitting. Guys, once you get it done by tailor that outfit will look much better than before and it’s sure shot formula.
  • Styling it/ accessorize it: how-to-make-cheap-clothes-and-accessories-look-expensive-3 Cherry on cake is compliment and it completes the decoration and presentation of it. Same applies to your outfits, what do you do to enhance your attire? Next time you wear cheap outfits make sure to accessorize them, wear pendent or badge.

How to make your cheap accessories/ jewelry look expensive:


Whether you wish to clean your old jewelry or fixing your broken wrist watch, undoubtedly you can have it in order to make them look new-born and expensive but if you keep some rules while buying them then it would more beneficial and long lasting.

  • Avoid too shiny metals: how-to-make-cheap-clothes-and-accessories-look-expensive-5 You got to keep it in mind while shopping, yes, we agree shiny metals looks catchy and that makes you buy them instantly but honestly speaking, you should avoid those shiny metals. Instead you can go for silver or dull metallic accessories. You better go for darker colors over shiny metals.
  • Consider your outfits while choosing accessories: how-to-make-cheap-clothes-and-accessories-look-expensive-6 Any pendent or badge will look best only if it suits your attire! With busy print, you can try simple necklace and remember ‘less is always more’. Yes, for better matching and suitable overall look you need to always keep it mind that what you are going to wear with specific accessories.
  • Choose one feature to flaunt: how-to-make-cheap-clothes-and-accessories-look-expensive-7 Yes, we know you love that glamorous ear chandelier, armful bracelets and stylish necklace but honestly speaking, you should avoid wearing them all instead focus on just one feature you wish to flaunt and so will get the attention as we always say, ‘less is more’.

We have shared expert tips on how to make clothes and feature look more stylish and costly so you can have them for any party or special moment. Do share more tips and hacks with us as we always welcome feedback from our readers.

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