20 Happy Birthday Quotes for Sister

Sisters, many people will tell you have such a cute but complicated relationship with each other. It is unlike other sibling relationships like that of brothers with sisters or that between brothers. This is because while sisters are best friends and confidantes for each other, they are also rivals of a kind. Many may not admit this openly, but it is always there. In many cases, this makes the interesting more than anything else does. However, you should know that the relationship between sisters is special and can be something that is cherished. Which is why when it comes to a happy birthday quote to be used for sisters to give to each other, then it has to be above and beyond the normal.

happy birthday quotes for sister

A birthday quote for sisters, whether it is coming from a brother or a sister has to be something that touches a chord in the other person. Here are some happy birthday quotes for sister that you can use:

I am happy you are my sister; having you as my sibling stops my life from being a disaster. On this day of your birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world

I would not have had a more perfect sister if I had ordered you specially. I am glad you were born on this earth to be my sister. Happy birthday Sister!

The word sister brings me such comfort because the minute it is said, I think of you and you are my support and sense. I wish you all the love and happiness you deserve on your birthday

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You the umbrella in the days of too much heat, anchor when I am untethered and my parachute when I am crashing down. If only everyone had a sister like you. Happy birthday to you!

If sisters are meant to be guardian angels then you are definitely true to your role. May I wish you happy birthday and best wishes for your life.

Sometimes you infuriate me and sometimes you exasperate me but I am still happy that you are my sister not my enemy. Happy birthday dear!

If only mom and dad had given birth to you before they did me then life would have perfect, but I am still glad you are here and happy birthday to you sister.

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A sister is the way god ensures that you have a friend for sure and I would have made you my friend even if you were not my sister. So happy birthday to you my sister and my best friend.

When god put you in my life, he smiled upon me and my life. Happy birthday and thank you for being in my life

Happy birthday to the one girl who will always be special and constant in my life. Thank you for being my sister

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You are my sister and I will be there for you no matter what as I hope you will be. Let me also wish you a happy birthday.

I know I have fought with you over the most trivial things but I hope you know that I love you sister. Happy birthday!

On your birthday I realized how blessed I am to have you in my life, my dearest sister.

Even if you go to the ends of the earth or out in space, it comforts me no end to know that you are my sister. Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday to the one girl who will always be my favorite. Thanks for being the best sister ever!

You are the perfect sister it is almost as if god created you specially for me on this special day which is your birthday

Mom and dad hit the winning goal the day you became part of our family. Happy birthday sis!

You are my sister and I am glad that you became part of my life and let us celebrate this special occasion of your birthday together.

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I hated sharing clothing, music, makeup and rooms with you sister but I do love sharing my life with you along with our birthday!

Happy birthday sister and thank you for putting up with me and still loving me through all the trouble I put you through.

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