10 Hairstyles to Try on your Face

It’s New Year and everyone is trying to come up with new things. So you should also think about your fashion. Hairstyle is one of the most important part of your fashion statement and so you should always come up with the real trend around you. Here, this article is a bit different as it will not give you different types of trendy ideas but it will show you some hairstyles that you can try out this year. Now the styling depends on your own and you will have to find out the best one for you. So try to get adopted with the new hairstyles coming up this New Year.

Hairstyles to Try on your Face:

Braiding: Styling up your hair with braids is nothing new, but you will have to make it a trendy one. Actually, new fashion trend is all about experimentations. You will have to bring twist in your hairstyle. Try to different types of braids and pigtails to create a unique style of your own. Mix match and see the magic.


Go Back to 80’s: Yes, you can again think of the styling your hair with the trend of your mother’s time. Yes, experimenting with old things in a new way is also the recent trend of fashion. You can see everywhere the old fashions are again coming back in our time. So try the 80’s hairstyles to give yourself a new and unique look.


Marilyn Monroe Style: It’s impossible that you haven’t adored the hairstyle of Marilyn Monroe once in your life. It was the best of that time. So just, start playing with measurements and get a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle, which is a very lovely pick up in 2017.


Line Side: Here’s a great British hairstyle that will remain classic in all the generations. If you want something really classic and simple, you should go with the line side hairstyle, which comes straight from the London. Use gel to your super smooth hair and make the line with gel.


Baby Grand: It’s a great solution for women who want to collect the hair but not quite. Though it will make you remember the days of 70’s but it can be handled quickly and easily. But in one word, you can define this hairstyle as an excellent flow to go with the recent trend and look beautiful.


Wave: Do you want to keep an essence of sea waves in your hair? This is the best hairstyle for you then. Wave hairstyle is quite common among the women and it can be done easily on the hairs, which are naturally wavy in nature. It is also very easy to maintain.


Middle line: Just a line on the middle and it will separate the two side of your hair. Actually, this hairstyle can be tried out with both straight hairs and wavy hairs. It looks very simple yet appealing. So if this one is your choice, give it a go.


Bob Climbed: It’s something extremely unexpected, but is an exceptional choice for the rock chic. It is a short hair style and very easy to carry with an imperfect look. Bob climbed hairstyle is very appealing and sexy if you can carry with the overall look.


Pony tail: Yes, we all know that it never goes out of fashion. It has made its permanent place in the hairstyles of both men and women. Ponytails can be done in a lot of ways and you will have to think about the one that suits you. Remember it’s one of the best choices of the celebrities.


Hair Collected: If you can call any hairstyle as an evergreen one, then it is hair collected. It is truly feminine and one of the most enriched hairstyles of all time.


Now it’s your turn to select one and go with the suitable hairstyle that suits you the best. Think about your face
and then think about the hairstyles to try on your face. In other words, 2017 is going to be one of the most special years for your hairs.

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