10 Best Foods for Beautiful Skin and Shiny Hair

Tired of getting the unimportant stuff in your house? And yeah, those irritating advertisements telling you about those harsh chemicals so delightfully that you are forced to use them.

Indeed, it is the time to trust your ancestry and throw those beauty products right away in the dustbin. Your great grandmother would have been using these miraculous Best foods for beautiful skin and shiny hair that you must taste as well. Best Foods for Beautiful Skin and Shiny Hair will do wonders for you that no other chemicals based beauty product can’t.

Best Foods for Beautiful Skin and Shiny Hair


Wild Salmon

1- Wild Salmon

You might not be aware of the fact that slices of wild salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is an incredible natural skin smoother. It fills the pores of skin with required nourishing oil as to lubricate it giving you a feel of silky smooth skin. It is the best medicine to fight inflammation leading to acne and scales.

Dark Chocolates

2- Dark Chocolates

Yes! Chocolates, indeed, may be the next most favourite thing for you, isn’t it? You excitement would have taken you on cloud number nine by now! Dark chocolates are a boon to treat acne naturally. It is the guardian of skin to protect it from ultraviolet sunrays thereby preventing it from scaling and discolorations.


3- Walnuts


Don’t ignore your hair while looking after a beautiful skin. Walnuts are right here for you to take care of your skin and your hair as well with its naturally inbuilt properties of nutrients included vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Consume a handful of walnuts with breakfast or add up a few in salads to protect your hair and skin against sun’s harmful rays.


4- Spinach


Vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene are the three masters of nutrients that are going to take due care of your skin helping it to fight against wrinkles. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore wearing sunscreen though! Include spinach in salads or any other way of consuming.


5 - Almonds


A rich source of vitamin E along with fibre and proteins that help the skin look smoother with even and tight pores by wiping off the free radicals and dead cells. The vital magnesium and selenium content present in almonds are great components to improve the quality of hair helping it to avoid thinning of hair by making it look shiny.

Sweet Potatoes

6 - Sweet Potatoes

Beta-carotene that is converted into vitamin A post-burning up is yet another great edible to be consumed for improved health of skin and hair. It doesn’t matter if you are not comfortable with potatoes as carrots are still there for you to look at.


7- Kiwis

This antioxidant-rich fruit with a sophisticated brown cover up over it will protect you against cancer and numerous heart diseases. It is the best care taker of the skin by preventing wrinkles getting over your skin by making it look smoother.


8- Seeds


These cute tiny seeds completely loaded with proteins and fibres and fatty acids good for both beautiful skin and shiny hair. Go on enjoying them with lunch or as a pudding or however you want.


9 - Avocados


You might be using several avocado facial scrubs and other avocado containing hair products. Along with taking care of hair and skin, it also takes care of nails with the help of its monounsaturated fatty acids which makes the skin look younger by keeping it away from wrinkles. It contains masses of antioxidants, fibres, potassium and magnesium.


10 - Berries

Don’t you love the smoothie made out of yummy berries in the breakfast! It just makes your day, isn’t it? In fact these berries have a number of various anti-inflammatory properties and countless vitamins which makes it a best friend of your skin by throwing away the free radicals making your skin alive. It also has vitamin C which is best for skin and hair, both.

Eat, sleep and repeat! Indeed, this is going to be the mulmantra for a glorious and beautiful skin and shiny hair. These best foods for beautiful skin and shiny hair will save both, your precious time and money by preventing you from buying those worthless chemically equipped beauty products. Enjoy the natural gifts!

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