Easy Breathing Exercises To Get Peace Of Mind

Today’s life has become stress giving and no peace of mind! Such busy schedule doesn’t let us live a single moment with calm mind. That’s how negativity affects us easily as you don’t have time to clean up your mind from unwanted thoughts and tiredness. You might love music but few yoga poses can surely help you out with stress and other more diseases. This post brings you easy breathing exercises to get peace of mind and will lead you to supreme yourself.


Ancient yogis have done terrible things with regular practicing of yoga. They mastered their mind and body as well and that’s how yoga and meditation has become one of the most useful and effective science of today’s life. Pran means breath while ayam means control, which says controlling your breath.

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anulom Vilom):


Alternate breathing yoga helps you control heart beat and regulate blood circulation. This breathing exercise will enhance your mood and remove negativity around you. Just sit down and put thumb on one nostril and a finger on another, now start inhaling from one nostril keeping another closed and then exhale it from closed nostril removing your finger and keeping other closed, and repeat it.

Bhramri (Bee Breath):


Practicing Bee breath will help in reducing low blood pressure, tension and mental stress, moreover give you sharp focus and concentration. Why it’s called Bee breath? While doing it you will have to say ‘ohm’ and make sure to extend ‘hm’ as much you can according to your capability of holding breath. And that vibration would sound like flying bee so is called Bee breath.

Kapal Bhati(Skull shining):


Yeah! This cool yoga exercise is entirely dedicated to your glowing face and real peace of mind. You got to sit and exhale air with pressure so that your stomach will move inside. That’s how all toxins and negativity inside you will be removed and you will get the sharp mind and insane digestive system.

Shitali Pranayama(Cooling breathing):


You can start this pranayam while sitting, salient your tongue and make sure you roll it out making a tube. Then inhale air through mouth via tongue tube and exhale air through nostrils.
While doing it, you will feel the coolness of air inside your throat and so is the cool and calm mind.

Ujjaiye Pranayam (Ocean Breath):


Just imagine yourself standing on beach and cool breeze touches your face and makes you relaxed. That’s what exactly ocean breath does so to you.

Udgeet Pranayam(Chanting Om):


Om is not a word but a vibration and sound! Lasting up to twenty seconds, chanting om sound can help you lot with sleeping disorder and other mental issues, i.e. anxiety, tension, headache and stress. Mental stability and increasing memory power are its best traits that you can have.

Bhastrika Pranayam (The Bellows Breath):


This dynamic pranayam exercise clears the respiratory system and increases the content of oxygen in blood. To do this you need to sit erect and inhale and exhale in rapidly as much as you can. If you’re a beginner make sure to do 10-12 rounds in stating days but later on you can increase rounds and speed as well.

Why peace of mind is so important? Of course you know that having a chisel body, sexy abs can’t do good for you if you are not mentally healthy and happy. And as you know mental positivity and relaxed mind can do better thinking and make effective decision. Deep breathing exercises can help you out with removing negativity and that rush of thoughts from mind. Have a peace of mind and happy life with these basic deep breathing exercises.

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