10 Small Business Ideas For College Students

business ideas for college students

When you are a student, you have many good things going for you. One of them being good health and plenty of energy apart from other advantages like enthusiasm, opportunities, time, and the drive to do something. What most students will tell you they lack is money as they are dependent on their parents, scholarships, and odd jobs to support them. However, this may not be enough and many students feel the need to have an additional source of income. One of the ways you can make this happen is by starting your own small business.

This way you not only get the chance to make some money but also add valuable life experience to your life and find the chance to add something of merit to your resume for use in the future. However, many students hesitate to start a business of their own either due to lack of ideas and due to lack of funds in many cases. Here we give some small business ideas for college students that students can start on their own:


1- Babysitting

This is not something new but you have to remember that offering babysitting services with some level of continuity and commitment can be a very lucrative business indeed. In fact, when you develop a good reputation for providing reliable babysitting services, you will be able to create a group of other students will offer such services.



If your skill lies in writing, then starting a blogging and monetizing it is a good business idea. By doing this as a business and doing it on a regular basis, you will be able to get a good amount of income from the advertisements that you put on the blog.

Cake decorating

3- Cake decorating

This is a service that you can offer to a party planner or a baker who offers cakes to people for special occasions, provided you have artistic talents in this area. It is also a good way of having good contacts in the business world by doing this.

Candy making

4- Candy making

With this business idea, you will find that most of your business will come from the student community itself. You will however need to make an effort to source your ingredients at wholesale rates so that your business is lucrative.

Card making

5- Card making

Making cute little cards and selling it to people who are interested in buying these is a good way to make some money. This is a business that you can work on in your spare time.

Computer troubleshooting

Der Einbau Eines CPU-Lüfters

Many students are quite computer savvy and you can use this skill to make it into a moneymaking venture. You will need to use informal means of advertising to solicit business.

Event coordinator

7- Event coordinator

You can use our skills in organizing things and your immense energy to lend your services to families for a charge to organize small events around the home and office.

Exercise instructor

8- Exercise instructor

If you are into fitness in a major way, then this is a good way to start a business for yourself. You can go to small gathering of ladies or men in social groups and offer to take them through an aerobics class for a small charge.

Gardening services

9 - Gardening services

Start a landscaping and gardening services business at affordable rates in the neighborhood homes and offices. This will need minimal investment in terms of the tools that you will use.

Housecleaning services

10 - Housecleaning services

Many families where both the man and woman go to work, there is a need for somebody to help them with cleaning the house. In most cases, couples cannot afford to have a full time housekeeper or even go to one of the bigger housecleaning services. In such cases, you can offer your services at a reasonable rate and make it lucrative for both the parties involved.

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