10 Best Yoga Poses For Students

Best Yoga Poses For Students

In spite of what many people who are grownup think, student life has its own kind of stress. On the one hand, you have studies and exams on your head and on the other you have the pressures of teenage years. These include factors like skin problems, social pressures, dating and pressure to find your career grove in life. We are sure that most teens feel really stressed out during this stage of their lives given that they are on the verge of adulthood. Add to this mix, teenage hormones and you have a complex mix.


It is only when you look back on your teen years in retrospect do you look at your teen years with longing and remembering it as a nice period of your life. However, the teen years especially the student part of it can be really stressful and the practice of yoga can help. Yoga is known not only to promote physical well-being but also brings about other changes in your mind and outlook to ensure better concentration and confidence.The one thing that you have to keep in mind while practicing yoga is that it something that dictates a way of life not just a few exercises and regulated breathing. Doing them the right way will bring about many changes in your life and personality that are long-lasting.

Here are ten of the best yoga poses for students:

Dhanurasana or the pose of the archer

1.2 - Dhanurasana

This posture when done in the right way is good in making students feel more confident. It also ensures sharper focus in the young ones.

Vriksasana or the tree pose

2-Vriksasana or the tree pose

This pose would help students build a sense of balance and make them more alert. It is also encourages the brain to develop while improving concentration.

Sukhasanaor the pleasant pose

3- Sukhasanaor the pleasant pose

This enables students to sit up straight and get their posture right in their formative years. This helps them feel calm, which is a skill that comes in handy in the present and the future.

Sethubandhasanaor the bridge pose

4-Sethubandhasanaor the bridge pose

When students perform this asana, they feel the ability to look within to find a place of calm. This is something that can come in handy not only when they are students but also in their adult life.

Bhujangasana or the cobra pose

5-Bhujangasana or the cobra pose

This enables students to stretch their back and also aids in good digestion. When students are going through stressful times, then this is a good pose to adapt.

Ardhasarwangasana or the half shoulder pose

6-Ardhasarwangasana or the half shoulder pose

This is a great pose for developing a flexible body, which is something that willcome in various sports and social activities that are part of student life.

Virbhadrasana or the warrior pose

7-Virbhadrasana or the warrior pose

This inculcates the feeling of courage and confidence in students. This also leads them to feel calm and balanced in their lives.

Simhasana or the lion pose

8-Simhasana or the lion pose

This is a pose that stretches the body and calms down the mind, something that a student needs at many points of their life.

Savasana or the dead body pose

9-Savasana or the dead body pose

Contrary to the name that it has, this asana is recommended to be done at the end of performing all asanas. It regulates the breathing and makes the person feel completely relaxed. Effectively practicing this asana will bring a feeling of calm that will make the student doing it, feel ready to face most things.

Tadasana or the mountain posture


This is a very good asana or pose that helps the person doing it feel energetic. It also helps in stretching the whole body, which can be refreshing to a student who has been spending long periods of time studying.

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