10 Best Foods for Healthy Nails

NO! Your nail art and branded nail polishes won’t look good or stay longer if you have dull brittle nails or beau lines over them. Just as you look after yourself either it’s a specific diet plan or workout routine, being a health conscious lady you do whatever all it takes to have happy and healthy health. What do you do for nails? We know babe, you are passionate for nail art but honestly speaking with those unhealthy nails all of your creativity won’t do good for you and your personality. Here, in this post you will find out the best 10 foods for healthy nails.


Nail fungus or fingernail diseases are something unexpected and more than worse when happen. Let’s admit, you never know when the nail problems might affect your fingers or skin as well. Add these below mentioned foods to enlighten up your edgy and sexy nails.

Best Foods for Healthy Nails



Yeah! You can’t imagine about its benefits for health! From digestive system to conditioning hair you can have it hoping for sure positive results. Vitamin enrich yogurt can prevent your lovely nails from fading. Calcium is responsible for teeth, bones and nails as well and therefore add yogurt in your daily life and see the magical results.



Salmon and tuna are just tasty and protein enrich source for nails and skin. But if you are brave heart and can feed yourself oily food then luckily feel free to cook oily fish that will bring that shine to your nails and that’s what ladies crave for.



Raspberries with oatmeal as breakfast can make your day! Oats are full of iron and protein and this is what helps with inflammation in nails and skin. A healthy oatmeal breakfast can fill your tummy with nutrients and is easy with digestion.



You are always recommended green vegetables from experts and dietician or your parents might have suggested you. Trust me; nothing would be more powerful and beneficial for your overall health and nails.  Consider it as a beast source of calcium and iron so as for happy nails.

Sweet potatoes:


Want to prevent nail damage and breakage? Growing nails takes time and proper cure and care but the moment you find your most awaiting dream damaged, feels worst. But this starch source won’t let you and your patient waste.



Soaked almonds do bring you sharp mind and insane power! That’s what you have been hearing from parents or read on internet. From weight loss to unpredictable diseases, anything and everything can be cured by these small nuts and of course the nails as well.



Biotin is important vitamin for nails growth and you better thanks to this red juicy fruit for such essential vitamin. Add tomatoes in your meals; breakfast, lunch dinner or even brunch as salad and see the results in few days.



Google any recipe of cauliflower with sweet potatoes and enjoy the mouthwatering taste! It’s not done yet! This green flower (doesn’t looks like huge flower) contains B-vitamin which your nails crave for better health and maintenance.



The power booster eggs and egg yolk can amazingly ensure you the healthy and fine nails actually the strong ones. Lustre your nails with having boiled eggs as in breakfast, yes, you can have tasty omelets too.



If you have been missing beans then you are the responsible for dull nails and damages. Yes, don’t you dare skip beans from breakfast as beans are full of vitamin and biotin which good for nails and skin.

These are the experts and dieticians suggested best foods for healthy nails that you need to add in your diet right now. If you have something share with us on healthy nails, feel free to let us know in comment section.

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