Basic Fashion Tips You Should Know About

Fashion, now-a-days, defines us! No wonder, we do our best to feel and look good and that somewhere motivates us and that’s how you start loving yourself. If you are born with that fashion sense, and know what to wear on yourself, what suits you and others as well, then it’s good but if you are not into this fashion world and find it difficult to select any attire, then post is just for you. Get ready to dig out basic fashion tips (actually key secrets) you should know about.


Know your body first:


Most basic rule to remember while looking for outfits or even a tattoo as well. That jeans or jacket won’t look classy on your just because your pal recommended you or you saw someone wearing it. Your physique, height, hairstyle, length and overall personality a matter a lot and most important, do you think you’ll feel comfortable and confidence once you worn that piece? Yes, think about it, I’m not letting you down but you won’t even like seeing your pals making joke of you.

Shape and cut:


Let’s admit- fit is the word in trend! Fit doesn’t mean to wear something so tight that you could not even breathe or feel uncomfortable. When you become aware of fashion and styling you better examine the shape and cut of outfits. If you want to recover tummy or low waist fat then choosing smart outfits can help you lot. There are plenty of designs out you need to try on and make a mind first about the dress you going to wear.

Get personal:


Who is trend setter? How a style becomes so popular like fire in jungle? Who does that and how? Well, these are the people who know how uplift and rise above what’s in present, they take risks, use creative ideas and it’s done. Even though you got branded piece of clothes, jeans and tees, but if it does not make you feel good, leave them aside, move on, try something else, and don’t follow others. Set you own style and let people follow.

Patterns and designs:


Fashion walks around patterns, designs and art work which is done on any dress, jeans or skirt. Vertical, horizontal, round, inclined, shiny, dull and so much of it- patterns are never ending and will always be and technically a pattern can change your look for sure. Patterns can cover you short height, fat on body and enhance your overall look. That’s how there are millions of fashion designer and they know how to make every customer look attractive.

Tailor it:


No! You can’t buy desired dress of suitable fittings every time, right? There are moments when you want to try on the shirts and jeans of your dad, elder bro or boy friend, so lovely you are! Moreover, you want to wear that old shirt which used to flaunt but as you have lost some pounds and still love that shirt; tailor it. I don’t think there would be best idea as compare to wearing something which you love most and feel connected. Add some buttons, sew it and do some tailor work and get ready with new attire.

Don’t forget to add accessories; it could be anything, pendent, bracelet, chain, rings, wrist watch or whatever you want to add. When it comes to fashion, adding few subsidiaries can help you with our look. In the end nothing will matters but just your confidence that reflects you and your inner personality to people. Do let us know if you got more tips to share with us.

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