Are You Ready For Your Prom Night If Not, Check This Out!

Are You Ready For Your Prom Night?  It would be a lie if middle aged people say they don’t miss that carefree phase of life when nurturing sky-high expectations of prom nights were all derived from chick-flick literature and epic romantic movies. While most may wonder what the hue and cry over prom is for it’s just another high school or college dance event, the fact that excitement and fun are top-notch cannot be disregarded.

Are You Ready For Your Prom Night

If you are a college-goer, chances are bright that you can acquire a few lessons much in advance to make for that pretty picture at the prom. So, here are some things to know before attending prom night party for college girl to help her get through one of the most memorable nights in her lifetime.

Things to know before attending prom night party

Just wear what you want

Matching trends with your BFF or getting the attention of the most coveted hunk on the dance floor is understandably a part and parcel of the grand night. But try to respect comfort more than appealing to others! If high heels and short dresses are not your cup of tea, choose gowns of proper length and match with your chosen accessories. Fun is only guaranteed when you are confident.

There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket

1-There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket

We mean it. If attending proms meant breaking the bank, then better to stay away. There is no harm borrowing a lovely prom dress from a reliable family member or if you are too hygiene and style conscious, cheap shops and online stores offering seasonal discounts are a real fetch. Stay fixed to your budget for the night is about memories, not money.

Don’t forget to take pictures

2-Don’t forget to take pictures


Many seniors regret saying they were too busy  dressing and decking themselves up; so much so that they forgot to pose and capturer the moments! It is not as much about the stylish attire, shoes or accessories you flaunt but a lot to do with random pictures with that ‘hot’ guy or friends and even mere acquaintances. Did we miss out on selfies?

Learn proper dancing


It’s a music and dance night so learn the basics if you can, lest you make a fool of yourself. Under no circumstances you will be required to dance the night away, so just master the little nuances in your room with those shoes or even the dress to prevent yourself tripping on the floor and being the butt of all jokes! Now don’t think we meant professional training.

No harm accompanying a guy who may not actually be your date

4- guy who may not actually be your date

It’s a culture to accompany a guy at the prom and he can actually be your good friend. If you don’t have someone in mind, does that mean you will ruin the chance of attending the do at all? The resentful attitude is quite likely to prevail even after years! In case you are crushing on someone and you didn’t find a good opportunity in letting him know, let the night be witness to that. In much the similar way, it is not mandatory that you have to go out with someone you don’t like. After all, girlfriends are always there to cheer you up.

Take advantage of the extras

5- Take advantage of the extras

Proms bring with it an array of props or stuffs like staged pictures, décor items and the like. While it may seem silly trying those things out, eventually when you will look at those days, it will give you a sense of nostalgia and humor. Most importantly, people planning for these stuffs devote considerable time and effort to make your night special, so no harm giving them a try!

Talk with your parents

6-Talk with your parents

True that your parents won’t butt in when you are making the most of your time at the prom, but remember, they are always concerned about you. It’s just great keeping them informed about what you intend to do or dress up for their little tit-bits might come in handy and they may actually appreciate you included them in the loop. Yes, that fosters great trust between you both.

How we wish we knew these tips and tricks earlier!

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