10 Affordable and Good Make up Brands For College Girls

Affordable and Good Make up Brands For College Girls

The right time to start using makeup is obviously, when you are on the verge of womanhood, which is the time you are entering college. College girls love to experiment with makeup, as this is the time to start experimenting with makeup to find your own look. As you are aware while college girls have all the time and inclination to experiment with makeup, the one thing they lack is the money to spend on makeup. The thing is while your skin and looks can take a lot of experimentation with makeup during this stage of your life, the thing that can make it difficult for you is affordability.

When it comes to makeup, which is something that is used on the face, which has the most delicate skin, one also has to consider the quality of the makeup that one uses. Using substandard makeup can result in skin issues. Then what is the solution for this? The solution is to find affordable and good quality makeup so that you can go ahead and experiment with makeup and enjoy looking your best during your college years. Here is a list of good and affordable makeup that will fall in the budget of most college girls:





2- Revlon

2.1 - Revlon





4 -Neutrogena

4.1 - Neutrogena


5.1- L’oreal



Sally Hanson

6.2 - Sally Hanson

Cover Girl

7.1 - Cover Girl

Wet N’ Wild

8 - Wet N’ Wild

8.1 - Wet N’ Wild


9 - NYC



Though we have given you a list of brands of makeup that are more affordable than the special designer brands, the thing about makeup is that it is a very personal choice that you have to make based on many factors.

Here is what you need to consider when you are picking out the brand of makeup that is both affordable and of good quality:

How it works on your skin


As we mentioned earlier, makeup is rather personal and the way any brand reacts on your skin can also be different from the way the same brand reacts on another person. To ensure that you have the right kind of makeup for your skin type, you would be better off buying or getting sample packs of the makeup and trying it on before you buy the bigger containers.

Color palette

9.1 - NYC

As our skin has distinct qualities, so does our complexion and coloring. This means that each of us have coloring and tone of coloring that is distinctive. To ensure that the brand of makeup you are going with goes with your color and tone, do make it a point to check out how a particular brand looks with your skin. The best way to go about doing this is to visit a mall where they offer you a free trial of the makeup and this way you will find makeup that works with your coloring.

Range of choice

6 - Sally Hanson

Not all brands of makeup offers the right range of choice as required by you. To find out the range of choice that a particular brand of makeup offers, you can either visit a store in the mall or look up the range that this brand has online. Some of them even have facilities like virtual studios for you to try the makeup and find it how it looks on you by uploading a picture of yourself on the site.

Deals and discounts

beauty discount

Since we are already talking of good quality makeup at affordable prices, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for those occasions when you can get good quality makeup at good prices. This happens either during the festive season or during special occasions and you can subscribe for updates around this.

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