20 Beautiful Skirts Every Teen Girl Should Have

The best age for a girl to start trying out different styles of skirts is during her teens as this is the age that allows girls to experiment with all sorts of styles with regard to skirts. As girls grow older, the chances are that they may feel a bit conscious about the way their body is shaped and may hesitate to wear all sorts of skirt styles. Here we give the broad category of beautiful skirts that every teen girl should have.

A line skirt

1- line skirt

This is a skirt that is almost formal in appearance which starts narrow at the waist and keeps widening gradually as it moves downwards. This almost forms an A shape which is where it gets the name.

A broomstick skirt

2- broomstick skirt

These can be of varied lengths but the one thing that makes them stand out is the way they are crumpled. These skirts are not worn for formal occasions.

A bubble skirt

3- bubble skirt

This skirt starts with a tight waistline or an elastic and then ends up bubbling at the hem earning its name. This skirt is worn only for most casual or for festive occasions.

A circular skirt

4- circular skirt

Cut to form the perfect round, this skirt will fall to the ground in a draped manner depending on the type of material used for the skirt.

A dirndl skirt

5- dirndl skirt

These are basically skirts that are like the bubble skirt without the scrunching up at the hem giving it a more formal look.

A fishtail skirt

6- fishtail skirt

These start out being fitted around the waist to billow at the hips, narrow at the knees again and then flow out in waves around the ankles. These give you the appearance of a mermaid.

A flared skirt

7- flared skirt

This skirt skims along the body like the A line skirt but flares more towards the hem and this can be worn for formal or for occasions that call for celebration.

A gored skirt

8-gored skirt

This skirt has seams that move in tandem with the way you move to make it look really charming.

A mini skirt

9 - mini skirt

This is a very short and tight fitting skirt and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions depending on the color and cloth used to make it.

A peasant skirt

10 - peasant skirt

This skirt has a casual flowy feel to it and comes in handy when you want to make your hip area look curvier than it is.

A pencil skirt

11 - pencil skirt

Though this narrow and well-fitting skirt is known to be more suitable for formal wear, this skirt also has a sexy vibe to it that you can play up.

A pleated skirt

12 - pleated skirt

This is a skirt that has pleats stitched in to look pretty formal. The pleats open with your movements but not in a playful manner.

A sarong skirt

13 - sarong skirt

This is essentially a skirt that can be draped around the waist and this has a tie on the side and is best for casual outings.

A straight skirt


This is a skirt that fits straight from the waist to hips in a straight way except that it is not as tight as the pencil skirt.

A tube skirt

15 - tube skirt

This is a skirt that is made of material that has the capacity to stretch, which is one of the things that makes it different from the pencil skirt.

A button down skirt

16 - button down skirt

This is a long or short skirt that has buttons running down the entire length of the skirt. It can make the skirt look more formal.

A paneled skirt

17 - paneled skirt

This skirt has a flowing appearance with many panels stitched together to with each panel wider than the one that was stitched earlier.

A skirt with an irregular hem

18 - skirt with an irregular hem

This kind of skirt has a hem that is irregular and of varying lengths that make it look casual.

A ball room skirt

19 - ball room skirt

This is a skirt that is very tight at the waist and forms a bell like curve around the hips. The addition of a bustle makes this skirt stay that way.

Maxi skirt

20 - Maxi skirt

This is the kind of skirt that falls to the ground and can be cut in many ways.

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